Tai Mo Shan Downhill Mountain Bike Route
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Route: Kap Lung Forest Trail to Ho Pui Mountain Bike Trail.
For: mountain bikers.
Kind of trail: rugged natural difficult mountain bike trail.
Fame: Hong Kong's most popular mountain bike route.
Attractions: Great scenery and woods. Easy access from Twisk Road.
Feature: As you descend, the track gets easier.
Length: Quite a long trail all the way to Tai Lam Chung Reservoir.
Suited to: skilled intermediate and advanced mountain bikers.
The allure of this route is going downhill on Hong Kong's highest mountain through beautiful country, woods, and scenery. It is a lot of fun for many people, even teenagers and kids around age 10. It is famed among local bikers because it is a long route, but even kids can do the route if they are careful. Because it is downhill, it is suited for skilled mountain bikers who don't want to exert themselves much. If people go slowly and carefully on their bikes, there isn't much exertion. It is like a roller coaster ride (all downhill though).

People like biking fast down Tai Mo Shan. If you are not very skilled at mountain biking, go slowly and keep control of your descent, and watch out for faster riders and get out of their way. Going uphill is too strenuous.

Hong Kong's most popular mountain bike route: These two sections of this route are on the eastern side of the mountain in the Tai Lam Country Park. Tai Lam's bike paths are Hong Kong's most popular mountain bike routes, and numerous races and competitions are held here. This route is probably the most popular in all of Hong Kong.
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景點:風景優美,樹林茂盛。 從 Twisk 路可輕鬆抵達。
這條路線的魅力在於在香港最高的山上下坡,穿越美麗的鄉村、樹林和風景。 對於很多人來說,這很有趣,甚至是青少年和 10 歲左右的孩子。它在當地騎自行車的人中很有名,因為它的路線很長,但如果他們小心的話,即使是孩子也可以完成這條路線。 因為是下坡路,所以適合不想太用力的熟練山地車手。 如果人們在自行車上緩慢而小心地行駛,則不會有太大的用力。 這就像坐過山車(雖然都是下坡)。

人們喜歡騎自行車快速下大帽山。 如果您對山地自行車不是很熟練,請緩慢行駛並控制下降,並註意速度較快的騎手並讓開。 爬山太費勁了。

香港最受歡迎的山地自行車路線:這條路線的這兩段位於大欖郊野公園的山東側。 大欖的自行車道是香港最受歡迎的山地自行車路線,許多比賽和比賽都在這裡舉行。 這條路線可能是全香港最受歡迎的路線。
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