Tung Chung to Mui Wo along the Olympic Trail
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Route: From the Tung Chung MTR station, take Fu Tung Street to Cheung Tung Road that hugs the coast to the little village of Tai Ho Wan. Then follow the Olympic Trail to the Mui Wo pier.
For: Casual bikers, families. Mountain bikes.
Kind of trail: Paved pathway, some stairs
Fame: Lantau is mainly a pedestrian and bicycle only island. It is Hong Kong's biggest island and is famed for the empty countryside and hiking paths. Mui Wo is known for its beach and food.
Attractions: The Olympic Trail is a paved walking path that take people about north south through beautiful country. There are side dirt trails along the way if you want to go off the path to see beautiful countryside. Easy exit on the ferry or Tung Chung MTR.
Length: 11.5 kilometers.
Food and drink tip: Get your drinks and food at Tung Chung or Mui Wo (there are restaurants and supermarkets in both places) because along the rest of the route there is nothing to buy.
Feature: Biking fun suitable for older adult and older children to a pedestrian and bike only old village.
This path is ideal for families with kids older than 10. It is fairly easy along paved road, but the only difficult parts are places with steps that you might need to push your bike up or down because they are too steep. Most of the places with steps have a narrow bike path next to them. The scenery is great, and the Olympic Trail takes people across Lantau between the MTR station in Tung Chung and the pier at Mui Wo.

The Olympic Trail is a walking path connecting Mui Wo with the north shore of Lantau. Hikers can hike this route in 2.5 or 3 hours with stops to see interesting sites along the way including a small waterfall near Mui Wo, the sea from the hills, and a pond near Tai Ho Wan.

You'll enjoy the easy access by MTR train (you can put your bikes on it) and the Mui Wo ferry. There is also a bike shop where you can rent bikes Mui Wo ranging from 35 HKD for regular bikes and 150 HKD for a mountain bike per day.
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路線:從東涌港鐵站,走富東街至長東路,緊靠海岸即可到達大河灣小村。 然後沿著奧運徑前往梅窩碼頭。
適用於:休閒騎手、家庭。 山地自行車。
名氣:大嶼山主要是一個步行和自行車專用島。 它是香港最大的島嶼,以空曠的鄉村和遠足小徑而聞名。 梅窩以其海灘和美食而聞名。
景點:奧林匹克步道是一條鋪砌的步行道,帶人們從北到南穿過美麗的鄉村。 如果您想離開小路去欣賞美麗的鄉村,沿途有一些小路。 在渡輪或東涌地鐵上輕鬆下車。
這條路徑非常適合有 10 歲以上孩子的家庭。沿著鋪砌的道路相當容易,但唯一困難的部分是有台階的地方,您可能需要上下推動自行車,因為它們太陡峭。 大多數有台階的地方旁邊都有一條狹窄的自行車道。 風景很棒,奧運徑帶人穿過大嶼山,在東涌港鐵站和梅窩碼頭之間。

奧運徑是一條連接梅窩和大嶼山北岸的步行徑。 徒步旅行者可以在 2.5 或 3 小時內徒步這條路線,沿途停下來欣賞有趣的景點,包括梅窩附近的小瀑布、山上的大海和大河灣附近的池塘。

乘坐地鐵(您可以將自行車放在上面)和梅窩渡輪可輕鬆抵達。 還有一家自行車店,您可以在那裡租用梅窩自行車,普通自行車每天 35 港元,山地自行車每天 150 港元。
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